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Virginia D M June 2, 2017
Stacy is truly the greatest! I have worked with her for many years due to her commitment and dedication to help each clients. She makes one feel special and treats one like an human, not a file number! She goes over and above to make each experience as smooth as possible whether she is helping with an initial loan or a re-fi.
MICHAEL BERG May 31, 2017
Stacy and her team are truly amazing. You would think for the large scale business she does that her (and her staff) would be too busy to help you out.... NOT true at all. I was amazed that she responded to emails, , texts,and phone calls at all hours. She and her team kept us in the loop the entire way. weekly email updates on our loan process is her precept. Made the process so much easier to deal with. We closed today and i would recommend Stacy to anyone looking for a home loan or re-fi.
Alan J R May 23, 2017
Stacy was very informative and extremely helpful. There were no surprises what so ever. She explained the entire process and what we should expect. Stacy was professional and was a delight to work with.
Chelsea Rae B May 27, 2017
Thank you
Danielle A May 27, 2017
Did a great job communicating with us through the entire process and making everything so convenient.